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Nonogram - The Greatest Painter Free Download [full Version] [Updated] 2022




Great job by [@thousandthrees_1](me) who created these puzzles.A big thanks to [@badvicious_1] for these Levels. They are great. ``` {.python language="Python"} import numpy as np def array2string(X, min_row, max_row): """ convert an array to a string :param X : a numpy array :param min_row : the minimum row index :param max_row : the maximum row index """ # convert to string return np.array2string(X, min_row, max_row) # =========== Fun =========== # draw array def draw_array(pic, arr_to_draw): """ Draw a numpy array on a pic pic is a picture. arr_to_draw is a numpy array """ pic.set_array(arr_to_draw) pic.show_all() # =========== Level =========== # make a level and call it N-sided Tetris def make_level(mode, opts): """ Takes a mode, sets a max and min on each side of the board, add a row for the new levels :param mode: the mode the game will be played as. Can be "4X", "3X", "2X", "1X" :param opts: everything else is left to the player (images, size, size of blocks etc.) :return: a list of 4 numbers: (x, y, width, height) x = the coordinates of the start of the board y = the coordinates of the center of the board




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Nonogram - The Greatest Painter Free Download [full Version] [Updated] 2022

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